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an awful dream

In it I get a call from my ex-fiance', Rick. He's very shaken up, and tells me I have to come over to his parents house (he lives there). Its about Nicolas, our son. I drive like a mad women to get to the house and find him and his parents, and Dan sitting in the front room with our son lying on the floor. I asked what happen. Everyone, I can tell has been crying, and Mary tells me that Nic passed away in his sleep. I look at Rick and his look confirms it. I felt that I just died, that my heartbreak would kill me. I break down into hysterics. I weep, wail, scream, I try to wake Nic up - this only makes everyone cry harder. Rick tries to pick me up from the ground and I yell at him. Dan helps me up instead. I calm down enough to punch Rick in the face and yell at everyone about why couldn't they try to save his life, and how disguested I am with Rick, and everyone. I kept thinking, I have to call my mom and tell her - I needed my mom. The cell was in the car. I push Dan away from me, well I slap him, and I go outside to get the phone. Mind you they can see me go outside, the front of their house has a huge sliding glass door. I hear a loud crack and I feel fire explode in my lower abdomen. I look down and I see my lower stomach covered in blood. I am in shock. I look around, but I couldn't turn. I hear another crack and this time it is fire that explodes in my chest. Someone has shot me in the heart. Out from behind the van steps Melissa, the women Rick left me for, and she's holding a gun. By then everyone has rushed out of the house to try to get to me, but she points her gun at them, so all they can do is watch as I collapse to the ground. She laughs, and flings her blonde hair over her shoulder, and proceeds to kick me in the stomach, well anywhere her fat foot can land. I'm still alive, but I am also seeing this out of body. She tells Rick that now I'm out of the way and the baby I was carring (I wonder how did she know) and the child had by me is gone, will he marry her and have children with her. She walks up to him and snuggles in his arms, he pushes her away, and Dan restrains her until the police arrive. Rick comes to me as I lay in the dirt covered in blood and in pain. I tell him "You destroyed our family, you gave up on us, you pathetic-coward-little-man, this is because of you..." I'm coughing up blood at this point, (I am amazed that I'm still alive) and I also say "Tell my mom and my family that Nic and I loved them." He's in tears holding me, he's telling me he's sorry, that he still loves me. I stuggle to get away from him - he's even more in tears as I push him away. I curl up and let a velvety warmth embrace me - I died. As a third party in this dream, there is an investigation and the truth comes out. About how he's been cheating on me with Melissa, about our break up a month ago, about me being pregnant, about how Melissa poisoned Nic, and the police thought Rick had something to do with it, but it is later confirmed that he didn't (by Melissa's confession).

Truly I am shaken to a core, and only pray that this remains a dream and not a premonition.
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