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Hello, here's a little dream

Hello everyone, I'm miss Angelic Dolly. ^^ I'm 13 and my favorite
color tis purple. XD

Okay, my dreams tend to all be in color, I don't know what that's called. I know some
people see black and white. First of all, every single dream I have, is completely random,
or won't make much sense. I'm dreaming of one thing, then it goes to something else that has nothing
to do with it.

Next, do some of your dreams come true? 'Cause mine do. o.o Everytime I dream and remember it, I have this deja vu kinda thing later on, or something happens that kinda goes along with my dream. Psychic or something...eheh? XD

I remember my dream from last night, I was in my backyard, which kind of reminded me of Wonderland. Some wonderland-ish bunny guy was chasing me, so I ended up in this room. You know those big play things at McDonalds and such with those colorful slides for little kids? Well, that was there, the light was pretty dim, I crawled inside and then something else happened. I ended up in our solarium at home. And the bunny guy was still crawling around. Our red couch was there, which is actually supposed to be in the living room. I hid behind it. Then it was night and I was sleeping on it with a blue blanket falling asleep watching tv. We originally don't have a tv there either. (( I was on the red couch watching tv in the living room last night before I went to my room and fell asleep... )) I got a little scared and found the guy. New scenario now. XD I'm in water swimming with a rat, and I meet these renaissance type guys. They looked like they were about to arrest someone. Btw, the room was white and completely foggy. Got outta there. New scenario. I'm camping and it's dim outside. I go to the bathroom and inside it look like a horse stall. o.O Bit foggy in there too. There's a guy who looks like a frog and challenges me to a race. I get scared racing and ended up outside again. I told my brother to come with my to the bathroom and yet it looks the same as before, still like a horse stall with the same frog dude. My brother races against him and that's all I remember. Yet again I'm outside, and there's an enourmous pit we're sitting in. And in the middle is a lake, kinda small. As I'm going around the pit, a hug orca whale pops it's head out of the water. And one thing everyone should know, I'm terrified of whales. Then my dream ends.

Later today, I was watching a movie and the person mentions an orca. Coincidence?

Anyway, nice to be here.
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