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hello kids

Hello, I'm new here... I don't really know what you want to know or if you care to know about me.... I'm 17 and about to enter Sarah Lawrence College. I'm a girl. I live in maryland. I try to write down my more interesting dreams in my Lj ^^ um, yea that's me.

Here's a dream for you, behind a cut because it's kind of long... a bit on the macabre side at the end.

I was at sandy spring friends (my current High School) at night, but for some reason it had been turned into an overnight camp. Pat(x-boyfriend and current close friend) and Greer(his current girlfriend) were there, along with a few kids from Independent Lake Camp who's names I can't recall, Someone, who i recognized at the time, assigned me to measure for tents behind moore (clifton didn't exist.. it was just woods) Pat said something to me (dont remember what) but I think it was something that made me very angry but sad. I walked over to the middle school parking lot to pick up tents with greer and whoever else went. She said something bitchy but I don't remember what it was.... she ran back over to pat and the other people sort of faded away.

All of a sudden Malika (a beautiful black carribbean girl who goes to ILC every year) pulled up in a bus and said hi to me. Her and the others on the bus were planning how they were going to have sex with all the counselors...

Next i was told to go clean out the sick ward. I walked up there and in the sick ward were hundereds of gauze hammocks that were suspended at different levels of this room. They all had figures in them that were either still or moved very very slowly. One began to speak to me saying that some of the hammocks had been cleaned out earlier but that I had to take them all down, even the ones with the men who had deformities... I remembered knowing that the place stank of sickness; vomit, blood, urine, feces, antiseptic, stale bodies that hadn't moved in years... Somehow I was at the top and i floated down, looking at all the people who were there. Some spoke to me in anger, others just looked at me sadly, one man went into convulsions, spewing up bloody foam.

As I decended to the floor I landed next to a bunk bed with two creatures on it. On the top bunk was a white man who's fat overflowed off the bed, he also had hundreds of cancerous looking nubs that projected from his body. One of his brillianly blue eyes was covered by an eyelid that had grown thicker and fatter until it looked as if his forehead had slipped down his scalp. He spoke to me, he said 'get him away" and he pointed to the bunk underneath him.

The man underneath him was little more than a pile of bones, literally. He had long dark hair attatched to his scalp, his eyes were dark brown, his skin was pink, but i dont know how because the man did not have a body. he had shoulders, a neck and that was it. the flesh of his left arm extended until the middle of his bicep and then it ended, leaving a bloody bone to end it. his other arm was mangled and bandaged but still intact until the fingers. his fingers were severed in a way that looked purposeful... what was left of that hand rested on the ledge of a bowl of blood, as if his body could recieve the nutirients through is fingers. The place where his body should have been was a bloody mass of organs and ripped tissue which pulsated like a heartbeat. The rest of his limbs were at the foot of his bed in a pile of ripped tendons and bone.

he spoke to me, very sadly, i dont remember what he said, but it made me cry. I felt more sorry for this mass of blood and guts than i did for the large deformed creature on the top bunk so i managed to move him away. I think they had been in some sort of war together.. anyway, somehow the man dissappeared into thin air. Then I think i woke up

hehe ok so that's my dream and now I'm going back to bed since it's still quite early.
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