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Ok, so i've been having lotsof nightmares lately.
I dont know why...

But this one was the worst.
I woke up shaking, i couldnt get out of my bed for ten minutes, i felt paralyzed.
I'm going to try and tell it to you as a story from the perspective of the me in my dream and i'll try to make it feel as real to you as it did to me.

at my grandma's house, my whole family had come to visit her. Lev (little brother) was somewhere outside playing.
My sisters, Sophie (26) and Eve (17) were in a room watching TV.

My mom and my grandma had gotten in a fight earlier and no one knew where MorMor (grandma) was.

I dont know how it got to this point but i have to skip over the stuff i dont remember.

I walk into my grandma's room. i can hear hushed voices coming from her walk-in-closet type thing. I walk over slowly and i peek in, its dark but i can make out two figures with their backs to me. One is a man, dressed in black, with a low gruff voice. The other is my mom! She's crying. The man is pulling her hair, he has duct taped her mouth and is holding a big knife threateningly above her. I then know that my mom is in there with some maniac out to get my grandma's money. Some maniac with a big knife. He's threatening her... I want to help but what can a little 12 year old (i'm not really 12, just in the dream) do to stop a big man with a big knife.
I run out of the room to get my sisters in the next room over but as i reach the door i hear 3 hard "boom"s... and somehow i know that my mothers head had just been smashed against the floor 3 hard times. She's not dead yet, she cant be.

I get to my sisters, they're still watching TV.
I didnt want to scare them and if i told them what i saw they wouldnt believe me. I knew i didnt have much time to go get my mom.
I say "did you hear that boom?"
Eve: Yeah, it was just in the movie...
Me: No it wasnt.
Eve: Huh?
Me: No it wasnt.
Eve: Yes it was, shira, dont be so annoying.
Me: Will you come with me to grandma's room?
Eve: Why?
Me: Because i want you to.
Sophie: Whats wrong?

I begin to panic.
My eyes start filling with tears.

Me: I just really need you to!
Sophie: why are you crying?
Me: Please just come with me!
Eve: Is everything alright?

I give in.

Me: NO! Its not alright! Mom's in trouble. I know for a FACT that mom's in trouble and she needs our help. I cant go alone.

They glance at eachother and then immediately hop up, turn off the TV and walk quickly to my grandma's room. The bed is all messed up, things are knocked off her desk, now there are two walk in closets. Both doors are wide open. There are no more voices... But i know that bad man is in the room, i know he's there, somewhere.

I'm scared to look in the closets, i know he'll just out at me, he'll stab me and cut me up.
I walk slowly over to the 1st closet. Its dark and i cant see much. I muster the courage to walk a little farther in.... nothing. I start kicking around, nothing. I start screaming "COME OUT MOM PLEASE COME OUT!" Sophie's looking in the second closet. I look in after her. Its also dark but i can recognize it at the closet my mom was in before.
I peek in, i see my mom's scarf.
I'm sure she's lying there in a pool of blood.

I step into the closet, she's not there.
But i can see blood here and there on the floor.
There was a struggle here.
I stand up after examining the floor, i see a small stool-ish chair jammed into a crack in the wall.

I walk over to it and figit it a little. I can see past it now. I see a long, dark hallway. There's an eerie echo about it. I lose my courage, i back up out of the closet. Crying with fear, i tell my sisters what i saw.

We go back in together. My mother is down that dark hallway, i know it. We have to go in there, even if the killer is in there as well. We begin to mess with the stool, trying to pull it out when we hear footsteps. someone's running towards us on the other side. I can make out the shape of a woman, my mom. We start pulling fast but the stool is stuck. I look down the hall, there is a look on my mothers face that i have never seen before. She looks scared, insane, determined.

She's about to reach us, she's frantic about something. We cant get the stool to budge, and just then, down the hallway comes another pair of footsteps.
It's the man with the knife.
He's getting closer to my mom.
She's crying, screaming.
We cant move the stool.

And then i woke up.
You may not think it was scary but i was shaking when i woke up...
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