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oh wow.
scariest dream in a long time.

i was at this beautiful "beach". It was man made or something cuz it was like this huge hill of sand and at the very top the sand was closed in by this wall. it looked like a mansion wall but it was only like 3-4 feet tall because all of the sand was covering the rest.

So my mom was performing under this little white tent. Telling Yidish stories to a small crowd consisting of mostly women her age. Kids were visible playing off to the side on some patches of grass. on of them was this kid from school who im not really friends with.

My mom was pretty boring so i just sit there on the warm sand on the slope of this big dune thing.
then, looking out at the clear, blue ocean, i see two orca whales. so i point and yell for everyone to look.
they do this amazing jump together. everyone "Oohs" and "Ahhs" and my mom turns around to see it but she misses them, they're already back in the water.
she looks bummed but the orcas dont go away.
they come closer, about 7 feet off shore but the water still seems to be deep enough.
and they jump again, my mom sees it this time.

everyone's amazed.
then the weirdest thing happens.
the whales keep swimming towards the shore.
but they dont beach.
the just disappear as they reach the sand.

now, in most dreams this wouldnt be so weird... but this dream was slightly logical.
so my mom goes ::GASP:: "There must be a cave or something underneath this sand! The mother has gone in there as a nest, to give birth to her babies!"

everyone goes "aawww" but i think something's weird here.

so i turn and see a few puddles from when the orcas jumped for us.
i stick my feet in them but they're only a few inches deep.
then i see a sliver of water.
and i stick my hand in it.
and i keep pushing my arm in until my shoulder is to the ground.

so i turn to my mom and go "uh... dont you think we should move if we're standing over water?"
and she goes "good idea"

so we move up the beach, and up the hill.
some of the closer audiance move up too.
there's silence as the crowd waits for something to happen.
some people have left.
there are only about 6 people in total left on the beach.

then we start to see the bottom of the beach move, the sand start to become liquid as the beach falls apart.
Me, My mom, and two of her devoted friends/watchers keep backing up the hill, not wanting to fall into the water.
but the sand keeps getting watery.
and the hill keeps deteriorating.
and there are still movements in the water.

we stumble over these two women in beach chairs.
i know one of them, shes my friend's mom.

we go "you might want to move up, it looks like there's water under that part of the beach."
so the two women just leave, they walk off the side of the dune and out to the parking lot or something.

by this time me and my moms friends have reached the top of the dune and are almost up against the back wall. My mom's gone... i think she ran after the beach chair women.

so we stand there, scared now.
and wait for something to happen.

we can feel the ground shaking.
i suddenly know that the ENTIRE beach was build over the water.
the orcas were below us.
then, i see the top of one.
its the mom, she jumps/wiggles out and lands on her stomach about 15 ft. from us. she cant move...

we were debating about how to help her...
and then the other one BURSTS out.
he knocks us down as he does but he doesnt see us.
there's foam everywhere and the sand by the mother whale is becoming muchy/watery.
the male swims over to her then turns to us.
he looks mad.
like crazy mad.
he lets out this sort of roar and then attacks.
i'm pushed to the side by one of the ladies and i hit a window (in the mansion wall).

it swings open and i fall.
i fall into a dark, red evening sky.
im falling over 7 stories down to the black ground.
and i have a flashback.
i see a dying child all black and blue and covered in blood with bulging eyes.
its chest is heaving up and down, like its trying to breath.
it cant though, its throat is clogged with blood, its teeth are almost black.
i snap back.
i hit the ground.
my head smacks on something hard and metal (a barbeque?)
i feel something soft and wet in my hand.
i look down...

its a piece of my throat.
the inside of my throat.

then i know that the little girl i saw was me.

i scream and then begin to sob hysterically.
and stumble frantically for a back door.
my mouth is bleeding and i can barely see through tears and blood.

i find the doornob, and push the door open (while still on the ground).
it opens into this cute, blue and white tiled kitchen with lots of nice wood cabinets full of yummy snacks.

but in my dream i dont notice this.
all i see, by the little grey garbage bin is this pink thing.
this little pink tube.
i scream when i realize its just like the one in my hand.
and its my moms.

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