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My dreams the other night.

Okay, if you haven't already noticed, I am the queen of weird dreams. The other night I had to different dreams. They're very weird, so here ya go:

1. I made out with one of my best friend's boyfriends. When I told her about it and I apologized profusely, she said "Don't worry, that's not cheating! You didn't have sex so don't worry about it darling!" Now any red-blooded girl would be pissed about one of their best friends making out with their boyfriend, right? And furthermore, I don't think her boyfriend is attractive, though he is a sweetheart.

2. Okay, I am a horror movie buff. I love George Romero and I am a bit psyched about the whole Land of the Dead movie coming out this weekend (AHH!). So anywho, I guess because of that I had a zombie dream. It was a typical zombie dream starting out. Zombies coming, trying to attack us. Then we're trying to leave and we turn up at this college (me, some strangers, friends and some family) and when we get there we hide out because it's a strong building. So anywho, when we get there we notice that the zombies are a bit strange, and that they're not real zombies but walking coke cans. I kid you not, walking coke cans (with mouths, legs and arms). It was fun knocking them over and watching them fall, of course. I kept doing that and the funniest thing was that they were different coke products (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, etc.) and I got a hoot out of that. After a while we had to get more food so we drive somewhere and we see some people alive, we talk to them and then I wake up.

I have the most strange dreams.
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