Not the Goddess of the Battlefield (morrigun) wrote in 6silky_wave9,
Not the Goddess of the Battlefield

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I just had a dream where I was working with Nate Fisher from the show "Six Feet Under," but instead of a funeral home we were working at a hotel. This hotel had a particularly large swimming pool....

What I remember most is that this elderly women asked if the swimming pool had a wall around it and I said "As opposed to?" and Nate told me "Uh, try again..." and then I told her "of course it does."

Then I found myself outside in the swimming pool and it was beginning to rain, and then thunder and lightning. I tried to swim to the edge of the pool to get out but the faster I swam the farther away the edge seemed. Then I finally reached it and the lightning hit the metal ladder and I was electrocuted. My leg was the only thing still left in the pool but it was bloody and parly charred. At the same time the lightning hit I saw the old lady electrocuted along with a few other people who hadn't managed to make it to the edge.
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