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dream dream go away come again some other...night....?

ha retarded.

new dream....(REALLY WIERD...rated R)

Eve (my sister) runs into the room, she's gasping for air. then she falls on her knees.
i notice that her skirt is tattered. She grabs my leg and looks up at me "He's going to take you. you're going to pass the pictures of the women being raped and the dead ones. then they'll rape and kill you."

next thing i know im at my temple (Jewish church) and im walking down this hallway holding my dad's hand. on the walls of the hall are pictures (as always) they start out normal but then we come to this one with a red man-ish figure grabbing a blue woman who's trying to get away and her neck's like really long and shes sorta naked and her eyes are closed but shes crying (i swear i remember exactly what it looked like) and im like to my dad "what's that" and he goes "what do you think?" and i think *rape* then in the next picture there's a woman lying dead in a field and i remember what Eve said and i start freaking out. then suddenly is isnt a synogogue, its a church (but it still looks the same) and my dad takes me into the social hall where there's this pope guy and a table in front of him. so i look up at my dad and im like crying and i go "what are you doing to me?" and he gets that face on like he always does when we accuse him of something and he's like "huuh we're just playing a game!" and then he chuckles and the rest of the men chuckle. and then i pull away from him and run through the doors and through the storage room and there's this kid in front of me (from camp) who im like chasing and im really mad.
so he glances back and sees me and then freaks out and starts running towards the door and im chasing him and in my dream i couldnt help but smile a little because i was freaking him out. so then we both reach the door and he turns to the left and i go to the right, heading for some stairs that lead to the exit. so i start running to the stairs when there's a huge *CRACK* and there's a pain in my back. i fall and roll to the stairs, where i lie. the same kid walks down the stairs and stand there at the bottom. he has a gun in his hand and he's pointing it towards me. i know he's gonna shoot me so i try to act dead.

then he shoots me in my stomach. im in so much pain. i beg him to stop but i cant breath. i put my arms and legs up to protect myself. he gets my foot. then my butt cheek. im in so much fucking pain. but i seem to stay alive, im silently begging him to stop.
then another man comes. he's wearing a colorful robe and a kipah thing but they're all christian. he takes out another gun and shoots my arm.
im about to give up and die when i wake up, aching in all the places i was "shot"

it was fucking scary man...
yeah then i had another one last night which i'll tell you all about later.
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