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My Dream Last Night.

So last night I dreamt that I lost my virginity to Landon from The Real World: Philadelphia only he just looked like him. Really, he was supposed to be my brothers friend and he took me to the prom. He kissed me and one thing led to another. It was odd, I mean why that guy Landon? Sure, he's cute, but I haven't watched that show in like a month. Though I don't know. I know why I dreamt of losing my virginity though. Heh.

I want to elaborate though. You see the dream was very lucid. I specifically remember being on a bus with him, going to prom, and I just got on him and started kissing him. Only my mom walks in. She always has bad timing. But when we had sex for the first time I had such an amazing feeling (no, not an orgasm) it was fulfillment. I was truly happy. I guess I haven't reached full happiness yet. Maybe I won't until I have sex? Is that the point of the dream? I don't know. It was an awesome dream though.
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would you care to let us in on your secret?
not that you have to...
Haha. Odd...Landon? At first it was Landon for me but now I'm more of an MJ:P. Hah. SOunds awesome.
But Landon has those dimples...

It was awesome. =) Best dream I have to memory.
It's not a secret, I'm just a hormonal kid. Heh. I mean really, what girl my age doesn'y dream about losing their virginity? Actually I remember every detail, and it played out too perfect for me that I thought it was real.
oh lol silly me...

well keep up the good dreaming!
Hehe, thanks. Yeah well, I try all of these routines, reverse psychology you could say to keep dreaming and then remembering them, but they rarely work.