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[18 Aug 2006|09:54am]

[ mood | creeped out ]

Ok, so i've been having lotsof nightmares lately.
I dont know why...

But this one was the worst.
I woke up shaking, i couldnt get out of my bed for ten minutes, i felt paralyzed.
I'm going to try and tell it to you as a story from the perspective of the me in my dream and i'll try to make it feel as real to you as it did to me.

It all started...Collapse )

.:.Far Away and Dreaming.:.

[15 Jan 2006|01:01pm]

oh wow.
scariest dream in a long time.

It gets a little gorey in the end...Collapse )
.:.Far Away and Dreaming.:.

[16 Oct 2005|11:53am]

[ mood | tired ]

haha i dreamt i clogged the toilet.


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an awful dream [16 Oct 2005|05:36am]

[ mood | worried ]

In it I get a call from my ex-fiance', Rick. He's very shaken up, and tells me I have to come over to his parents house (he lives there). Its about Nicolas, our son. I drive like a mad women to get to the house and find him and his parents, and Dan sitting in the front room with our son lying on the floor. I asked what happen. Everyone, I can tell has been crying, and Mary tells me that Nic passed away in his sleep. I look at Rick and his look confirms it. I felt that I just died, that my heartbreak would kill me. I break down into hysterics. I weep, wail, scream, I try to wake Nic up - this only makes everyone cry harder. Rick tries to pick me up from the ground and I yell at him. Dan helps me up instead. I calm down enough to punch Rick in the face and yell at everyone about why couldn't they try to save his life, and how disguested I am with Rick, and everyone. I kept thinking, I have to call my mom and tell her - I needed my mom. The cell was in the car. I push Dan away from me, well I slap him, and I go outside to get the phone. Mind you they can see me go outside, the front of their house has a huge sliding glass door. I hear a loud crack and I feel fire explode in my lower abdomen. I look down and I see my lower stomach covered in blood. I am in shock. I look around, but I couldn't turn. I hear another crack and this time it is fire that explodes in my chest. Someone has shot me in the heart. Out from behind the van steps Melissa, the women Rick left me for, and she's holding a gun. By then everyone has rushed out of the house to try to get to me, but she points her gun at them, so all they can do is watch as I collapse to the ground. She laughs, and flings her blonde hair over her shoulder, and proceeds to kick me in the stomach, well anywhere her fat foot can land. I'm still alive, but I am also seeing this out of body. She tells Rick that now I'm out of the way and the baby I was carring (I wonder how did she know) and the child had by me is gone, will he marry her and have children with her. She walks up to him and snuggles in his arms, he pushes her away, and Dan restrains her until the police arrive. Rick comes to me as I lay in the dirt covered in blood and in pain. I tell him "You destroyed our family, you gave up on us, you pathetic-coward-little-man, this is because of you..." I'm coughing up blood at this point, (I am amazed that I'm still alive) and I also say "Tell my mom and my family that Nic and I loved them." He's in tears holding me, he's telling me he's sorry, that he still loves me. I stuggle to get away from him - he's even more in tears as I push him away. I curl up and let a velvety warmth embrace me - I died. As a third party in this dream, there is an investigation and the truth comes out. About how he's been cheating on me with Melissa, about our break up a month ago, about me being pregnant, about how Melissa poisoned Nic, and the police thought Rick had something to do with it, but it is later confirmed that he didn't (by Melissa's confession).

Truly I am shaken to a core, and only pray that this remains a dream and not a premonition.

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[26 Sep 2005|06:51am]

[ mood | curious ]

a nightmare.

i was at home. the rest of the family was off on vacation. i went for a walk to the playground near by. and i saw this old couple there and then this boy i used to know (Colin) with some girlfriend...and he was HOT. like Brad Pitt hot. and he was adultish too. no one said anything but Colin had a gun. as i was walking back home i hear a gunshot and the dog let out a whine. im walking home and then i see Colin walking his girlfriend home and she happens to live like across the street...so hes standing there outside her house with his gun pointed to her front window. he has a cell phone and shes on the other end. so he goes "dont worry, baby, i got your back." then an old woman is walking down the street with her golden retriever. i start walking towards her (im on my way to the beach?) and then i hear Colin go "make him sit" and i look back at him to see the gun pointed at the old woman. so she starts telling her dog to heal but its just walking in confused circles. and the woman isnt scared but she should be and i started freaking out so i was telling the dog to heal then i started screaming at it to heal. and finally it did. so the woman left unharmed.
then Colin came up to my house and he looked through thr fence "DOGS??" i said no. "and im glad i dont have dogs because if i did you'de probably kill them!" so i keep walking and hes talking to me about destruction or something. i look back to see the big front window in my house shattered. "What did you do!!" he tells me he'll clean it up. i go "no you wont! you never do!" so i walk on. and hes walking with me. He likes me, i can tell. and i like him too but it just wont work out. Eve (sister) drives by jsut then with her friend. shes standing up through the sunroof thing and blasting music. she looks at me confused and goes "Why are you hanging out with those kind of people??"

THEN the three of us are at the beach. me, eve, and colin (who's starting to remind me of my little brother, lev.). and eve goes "you cant even go in the water..." so he goes down to the beach and starts making a bridge from sand to get past the water. and i realize that he can do anything. and that im stuck in this life and i cant get out because he'll always be there to stalk me until the day he kills me. and i can take him stalking me or my family. i have to get out. i was so scared.

SO i pack my back pack to run away and i start walking to my bus stop to go to school. but somehow i now live somewhere else, Queen Anne Hill (old home). and my bus stop is at the very bottom of the hill (a long way to walk) so im walking and kind of guessing my way around. it gets really really late and the sky's black. all of these business people are walking around talking on their cell phones in their pin striped suits. i go up to this one youngish looking man and say "um...do you know where that one BIG bus station is? its like two blocks long and theres a bus that goes down town [my school isnt down town]...."
man: oh well theres only one large transit station i can think of and its at the bottom of the hill.
me: oh dear im going to be late...
man: no, its on the other side of the hill.

i sigh because that means im gonna have to walk up the hill and then down again and i'll surely miss my bus. but i go anyways. and halfway there my legs stopped working. so i couldnt really move them without it hurting. and i was trying to cross the street but everytime i'd get like 3 inches the "walk" light would turn to "dont walk" and i would be pushed back to the sidewalk.

then i woke up.
and now i have to get ready for school. ><


.:.Far Away and Dreaming.:.

[25 Sep 2005|10:43am]

[ mood | curious ]

so in order for my dream to make any kind of sense you have to know a few things.
1. My sister and I go to the same highschool and she's 2 years older than me.
2. My mom isnt talking to us right now. the printer is right next to her bed so last night i typed up a sorry note and printed it right before i went to bed. I dont know if shes read it yet.
3. I hung out with my sister and her friends Luke and Nigel last night and they talked about pot.

OK. so it starts out with me in my older sister's classroom. no one's really paying any attention. then someone passes Eve (my sister) a present. She opens it to find this really cool toy. then shes looking at it a little longer and she exclaimes "Hey! its a bong!" and she gives it to me to look at. and it is indeed a bong. She passes it around the class while the teacher is up there doing equasions or something and not paying any attention. So it gets to the other side of the room where Luke and Nigel are sitting and Nigels trying to explain how a bong works.

THEN all of a sudden i have a flashback (not a real one) of the night before. and my mom had read the note and she was angrier than ever and she told me that she didnt want me to ever leave my room and i could say was "Yes, mam."

THEN i was in the backseat of an SUV with this hippie-ish girl and this kinda hot guy. We were going to a beach party and everyone was gonna smoke using Eves bong. We get there and the girl goes "ok im kinda self concious about my theighs, my paleness, and my stomach flubber. and i was like "its ok, me too." and the boy just stayed quiet as usual. then the girl was like "i better get used to a bathing suit though cause im gonna spend a lot of time in the ocean." [what??] so she throws her towel on the ground and jumps in the water. I notice that her towel would get wet when the tide came in so i moved it up the shore a little bit. then i turned around and saw the boy and the girl in the water calling me. I look next to me and i see this old couple there drinking martinis. they go "thats a good idea, to put your towel down like that..." (they were sitting likee...one facing the water and one facing...not-the-water. so the man was like sort of sliding down the beach.) ii said "yes." then i stripped to my bathing suit and ran into the water. It was freezing so we decided to take our bathing suits off for warmth. and all of a sudden a thought popped into my head. i didnt really miss my cousin. (not true at all...)

and then i woke up to this crappy ass music and i couldnt figure out where it was coming from but it was my sisters computer.
and now im gonna go eat food.

.:.Far Away and Dreaming.:.

My dream the other night. [05 Sep 2005|12:25am]

[ mood | amused ]

I had a dream the other night. It brought back something I haven't thought about in a while that made me utterly happy the next day.

Well let me first explain this: When I was a freshman, I really liked this guy named Mike. He was perfect to me in almost every sense. Except I had no guts to talk to him except about music. We were in orchestra together. And no, he wasn't gay. As far as I know at least. It's very odd I have a dream about him, seeing as I haven't thought about him in months.

Here's my dream:
So I'm at home and this ugly white car comes up the driveway. Out comes Mike. He comes up to me and asks me how I am and acts like he does this everyday. Like we always hang out. Well we do, hang out I mean. We go downstairs and watch the tele for a while. After a bit, we decide we're hungry. So he asks if I want to go to the pizzeria (about a 5 minute drive) so I say sure.

He gets in the driver's seat and I get in the passenger. Then about 5 people cram in the back three seats. I found these random people odd and I ask them what's going on, why are they there? They just say they heard pizza and wanted it, so they came in the car. I shrug it off like I'm being the weird one here, and we get pizza. Next thing I know, we're in the pizza place and we've finished. Our "friends" in the back have left by their own means of transportation. I ask Mike if he wants to come back to my house, kind of in a Nudge-Nudge, Wink-Wink kind of way. He says absolutely. And that's where it ended. Which is odd for me. Usually I can dream up crazy and mind-blowing sex. But we didn't even get to hold hands. In fact, I don't think I've ever had a dream of sex with him in it. I've dreamt having sex with Landon from the freaking Real World but I can't dream of having sex with a guy I know?

What do you think this all means? I'm more confused than ever about this. Don't get me wrong, this hasn't brought back any feelings I've ever had for the guy, I know he's untouchable, but it was just so odd and random.

.:.Dream Forever.:.|2.:.Far Away and Dreaming.:.

Hello, here's a little dream [28 Aug 2005|11:10pm]

[ mood | restless ]

Hello everyone, I'm miss Angelic Dolly. ^^ I'm 13 and my favorite
color tis purple. XD

Okay, my dreams tend to all be in color, I don't know what that's called. I know some
people see black and white. First of all, every single dream I have, is completely random,
or won't make much sense. I'm dreaming of one thing, then it goes to something else that has nothing
to do with it.

Next, do some of your dreams come true? 'Cause mine do. o.o Everytime I dream and remember it, I have this deja vu kinda thing later on, or something happens that kinda goes along with my dream. Psychic or something...eheh? XD

I remember my dream from last night, I was in my backyard, which kind of reminded me of Wonderland. Some wonderland-ish bunny guy was chasing me, so I ended up in this room. You know those big play things at McDonalds and such with those colorful slides for little kids? Well, that was there, the light was pretty dim, I crawled inside and then something else happened. I ended up in our solarium at home. And the bunny guy was still crawling around. Our red couch was there, which is actually supposed to be in the living room. I hid behind it. Then it was night and I was sleeping on it with a blue blanket falling asleep watching tv. We originally don't have a tv there either. (( I was on the red couch watching tv in the living room last night before I went to my room and fell asleep... )) I got a little scared and found the guy. New scenario now. XD I'm in water swimming with a rat, and I meet these renaissance type guys. They looked like they were about to arrest someone. Btw, the room was white and completely foggy. Got outta there. New scenario. I'm camping and it's dim outside. I go to the bathroom and inside it look like a horse stall. o.O Bit foggy in there too. There's a guy who looks like a frog and challenges me to a race. I get scared racing and ended up outside again. I told my brother to come with my to the bathroom and yet it looks the same as before, still like a horse stall with the same frog dude. My brother races against him and that's all I remember. Yet again I'm outside, and there's an enourmous pit we're sitting in. And in the middle is a lake, kinda small. As I'm going around the pit, a hug orca whale pops it's head out of the water. And one thing everyone should know, I'm terrified of whales. Then my dream ends.

Later today, I was watching a movie and the person mentions an orca. Coincidence?

Anyway, nice to be here.

.:.Dream Forever.:.|2.:.Far Away and Dreaming.:.

[22 Jun 2005|12:08pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

I tend to forget my dreams easily.. But this was rather vivid though!

Due to my poor memory, i could only recall two minor parts of it. And both involved the casts from The Phantom Of the Opera Movie. (unfortunately, the minor casts sigh)

The first part was about Charlotta and Madam Giry, discussing about the failure of a evil plot they had devised previously. Something about killing Roaul or the fat man(whom phantom hanged him in the end).

Lastly, I was looking at the scene of all the dancers and the managers having a mass orgy. Erm, i need not go into details right?


.:.Dream Forever.:.|1.:.Far Away and Dreaming.:.

My dreams the other night. [21 Jun 2005|12:33pm]

[ mood | content ]

Okay, if you haven't already noticed, I am the queen of weird dreams. The other night I had to different dreams. They're very weird, so here ya go:

1. I made out with one of my best friend's boyfriends. When I told her about it and I apologized profusely, she said "Don't worry, that's not cheating! You didn't have sex so don't worry about it darling!" Now any red-blooded girl would be pissed about one of their best friends making out with their boyfriend, right? And furthermore, I don't think her boyfriend is attractive, though he is a sweetheart.

2. Okay, I am a horror movie buff. I love George Romero and I am a bit psyched about the whole Land of the Dead movie coming out this weekend (AHH!). So anywho, I guess because of that I had a zombie dream. It was a typical zombie dream starting out. Zombies coming, trying to attack us. Then we're trying to leave and we turn up at this college (me, some strangers, friends and some family) and when we get there we hide out because it's a strong building. So anywho, when we get there we notice that the zombies are a bit strange, and that they're not real zombies but walking coke cans. I kid you not, walking coke cans (with mouths, legs and arms). It was fun knocking them over and watching them fall, of course. I kept doing that and the funniest thing was that they were different coke products (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, etc.) and I got a hoot out of that. After a while we had to get more food so we drive somewhere and we see some people alive, we talk to them and then I wake up.

I have the most strange dreams.

.:.Dream Forever.:.|3.:.Far Away and Dreaming.:.

Me and my best friend [27 May 2005|06:49pm]

Hi, my name is Courtney, I'm 12, and I'm new to this community.

I've been dreaming about my friend, Jenna, for a little while now and it's really sicking me out. This week, to let out my feelings, I started writing a story about my dreams. The one that's been in my mind the most lately is her sleeping over at my house one night and we have lesbian sex and we're only twelve! It's really starting to freak me out.

And another dream that's been haunting me is when I'm licking her fingers after she's finished eating BBQ flavored chips. What in heaven's name is going on?! Am I gay or bi? Or straight? I think that I'm bi because I won't quit having sex dreams and daydreams! It's really sick!
.:.Dream Forever.:.|2.:.Far Away and Dreaming.:.

Another sex-related dream. Damn hormones. [21 May 2005|11:27pm]

[ mood | amused ]

So last night I had another dream I remembered. One of my best friends Katie had a little brother who was a year younger than her (which would make him about nine months younger than me) and he and I were dating. We were on a school trip, and I remember he took me into his room and closed the door. I objected and said that we aren't allowed to do that because of the rules of the trip stated that girls and boys in the same room must keep the door open at all times. But we closed it and the blinds. Then we made-out and did other things, but not sex.

My friend doesn't even have a gorgeous younger brother. What the fuck do my dreams mean? Besides for the fact that I desperately need a good makeout session, of course.

.:.Dream Forever.:.|2.:.Far Away and Dreaming.:.

[14 May 2005|10:52am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

I just had a dream where I was working with Nate Fisher from the show "Six Feet Under," but instead of a funeral home we were working at a hotel. This hotel had a particularly large swimming pool....

What I remember most is that this elderly women asked if the swimming pool had a wall around it and I said "As opposed to?" and Nate told me "Uh, try again..." and then I told her "of course it does."

Then I found myself outside in the swimming pool and it was beginning to rain, and then thunder and lightning. I tried to swim to the edge of the pool to get out but the faster I swam the farther away the edge seemed. Then I finally reached it and the lightning hit the metal ladder and I was electrocuted. My leg was the only thing still left in the pool but it was bloody and parly charred. At the same time the lightning hit I saw the old lady electrocuted along with a few other people who hadn't managed to make it to the edge.

.:.Dream Forever.:.|2.:.Far Away and Dreaming.:.

another bad dream... [02 May 2005|07:09pm]

[ mood | blank ]

im lying in my bed on my back.
my throat is so dry, it hurts.
but i cant move.
i call out for my sister to get me water...
there's no response, but i know shes there. shes just ignoring me.
im crying for water. i keep licking my lips but they get dryer and dryer.
its getting hard to breath. my throat stings reallly badly.
its so dry i could die. i need water, why isnt she listening!
finally she hears my cries "Hold on...jesus i'll get you water!"
she leaves to get the water.
im waiting, my throat's closing in...where is she??

...then my throat shrivels up and i die there, in my bed.

.:.Dream Forever.:.|3.:.Far Away and Dreaming.:.

hello kids [01 May 2005|09:02am]

[ mood | amused ]

Hello, I'm new here... I don't really know what you want to know or if you care to know about me.... I'm 17 and about to enter Sarah Lawrence College. I'm a girl. I live in maryland. I try to write down my more interesting dreams in my Lj ^^ um, yea that's me.

Here's a dream for you, behind a cut because it's kind of long... a bit on the macabre side at the end.

the sick wardCollapse )

hehe ok so that's my dream and now I'm going back to bed since it's still quite early.

.:.Dream Forever.:.|2.:.Far Away and Dreaming.:.

dream dream go away come again some other...night....? [25 Apr 2005|12:11am]

[ mood | scared ]

ha retarded.

new dream....(REALLY WIERD...rated R)

Eve (my sister) runs into the room, she's gasping for air. then she falls on her knees.
i notice that her skirt is tattered. She grabs my leg and looks up at me "He's going to take you. you're going to pass the pictures of the women being raped and the dead ones. then they'll rape and kill you."

next thing i know im at my temple (Jewish church) and im walking down this hallway holding my dad's hand. on the walls of the hall are pictures (as always) they start out normal but then we come to this one with a red man-ish figure grabbing a blue woman who's trying to get away and her neck's like really long and shes sorta naked and her eyes are closed but shes crying (i swear i remember exactly what it looked like) and im like to my dad "what's that" and he goes "what do you think?" and i think *rape* then in the next picture there's a woman lying dead in a field and i remember what Eve said and i start freaking out. then suddenly is isnt a synogogue, its a church (but it still looks the same) and my dad takes me into the social hall where there's this pope guy and a table in front of him. so i look up at my dad and im like crying and i go "what are you doing to me?" and he gets that face on like he always does when we accuse him of something and he's like "huuh we're just playing a game!" and then he chuckles and the rest of the men chuckle. and then i pull away from him and run through the doors and through the storage room and there's this kid in front of me (from camp) who im like chasing and im really mad.
so he glances back and sees me and then freaks out and starts running towards the door and im chasing him and in my dream i couldnt help but smile a little because i was freaking him out. so then we both reach the door and he turns to the left and i go to the right, heading for some stairs that lead to the exit. so i start running to the stairs when there's a huge *CRACK* and there's a pain in my back. i fall and roll to the stairs, where i lie. the same kid walks down the stairs and stand there at the bottom. he has a gun in his hand and he's pointing it towards me. i know he's gonna shoot me so i try to act dead.

then he shoots me in my stomach. im in so much pain. i beg him to stop but i cant breath. i put my arms and legs up to protect myself. he gets my foot. then my butt cheek. im in so much fucking pain. but i seem to stay alive, im silently begging him to stop.
then another man comes. he's wearing a colorful robe and a kipah thing but they're all christian. he takes out another gun and shoots my arm.
im about to give up and die when i wake up, aching in all the places i was "shot"

it was fucking scary man...
yeah then i had another one last night which i'll tell you all about later.

.:.Dream Forever.:.|1.:.Far Away and Dreaming.:.

[20 Apr 2005|03:35pm]
Oh my gosh, I had the craziest, scariest, wierdest dream last night. First my family and I went to this circus show and we decided to get front row seats so we did. When I went to get snacks then came back, my shoe was gone, so I asked if I could go look for it. My mom said no, but I went anyways. I had planned to turn back after I had gotten to the end of the auditorium place, but I turned around and there was no way back, so I had to keep going. So I went through this hallway with all these crazy people and one of the grabbed me by the arm and told me not to go any furthur. But I did anyways, and eventually got back to my seat. But my mom and brother were gone. I guess they went to look for me. I was angry at them for not trusting me that I would come back soon. So I went looking for them. But then the show started, and there were all these little trapeze things rotating around the room, and I was the trapeze artist. There was a monkey chasing me around the room on the trapeze. The monkey wanted the gummie bears that were in my pocket. Then all of a sudden I was on a ski hill and there was this girl who was looking for her brother. So I followed her down because she looked upset and I wanted to help. Then as I went over this little hill, I saw this red thing lying on the ground. I went over to see and it was the girl, and she was dead, andd her entire body was red. I was so scared that I just kept skiing down. Then as I got to the bottom, all of a sudden I was in a small room. There was a big video screen, and I forget what it said, but I was really really scared of what it said. And that was it.

I think the part about going to find my shoe and being mad that my parents went to find me is because Im feeling like my parents are always stopping me from doing things, and I want to be more independant. Trapezes because I did trapeze on my holidy, but I dont know what the monkey was for, or the candys. The skiing maybe because the ski season is almost over, but I dont want it to be, and the girl looking for her brother... maybe because I wish my brother was nicer to me and I want to spend more time with him? I dont know why she was dead or why she turned red. It was really strange.
.:.Far Away and Dreaming.:.

[20 Apr 2005|11:34am]

So Kirby like made me watch this horror movie and it was really scary and I was all freaked out. Then we like met the actress that was the main bad scary character thing and she was like "Well, I'm going up to the set now for a cast party, want to come?" and I was like "Holy shit no, I will be so fucking scared if I go to the set" but Kirby begged me and so we went. We were like going in this big school bus thing and then at the party we watched the movie AGAIN and I got really scared. Then Kirby wanted to look around the house and go into all of the rooms where scary shit happens and we did and I think I fainted and that's when I woke up.
.:.Far Away and Dreaming.:.

My Dream Last Night. [18 Apr 2005|08:16pm]

[ mood | awake ]

So last night I dreamt that I lost my virginity to Landon from The Real World: Philadelphia only he just looked like him. Really, he was supposed to be my brothers friend and he took me to the prom. He kissed me and one thing led to another. It was odd, I mean why that guy Landon? Sure, he's cute, but I haven't watched that show in like a month. Though I don't know. I know why I dreamt of losing my virginity though. Heh.

I want to elaborate though. You see the dream was very lucid. I specifically remember being on a bus with him, going to prom, and I just got on him and started kissing him. Only my mom walks in. She always has bad timing. But when we had sex for the first time I had such an amazing feeling (no, not an orgasm) it was fulfillment. I was truly happy. I guess I haven't reached full happiness yet. Maybe I won't until I have sex? Is that the point of the dream? I don't know. It was an awesome dream though.

.:.Dream Forever.:.|6.:.Far Away and Dreaming.:.

ah, Good nap. [13 Apr 2005|04:03am]

I wish I could go Over a course of a month of being in narcosis, again...
.:.Far Away and Dreaming.:.

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